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Who we are

The "iSmile" Dental Studio, based in the province of Naples and precisely in the municipality of Giugliano, in Campania (Lago Patria), consists of two operating units, one of which exclusive for pediatric dentistry and orthodontics treatments. The furniture design of the structure features pleasantly coloured decorations on the walls, making sessions more comfortable and less traumatic for little patients.

The studio is also equipped with professional equipment, including the Digital Orthopantomograph, one of the most important instruments a dental medical center, as it allows personnel to perform various types of radiographs and especially the so-called crucial dental overviews, not only for pathologies treatment, but also to allow dental technicians and the surgeon himself to have a clear and 360-degree situation of the patient's mouth.

Experience & Professionalism

Un altro importante strumento di indiscussa valenza tecnologica che il centro iSmile di Lago Patria dispone è il Laser a Diodi, che risulta di grandissima utilità nella chirurgia dentale generale ed in particolare nella branca della Parodontologia. Dopo questa significativa scheda di presentazione dello studio medico dentistico di Lago Patria e con ragione sociale iSmile Studio Odontoiatrico di Alfredo Parziale, in breve va aggiunto che niente sembra, si sente o funziona come il proprio dente naturale. Spazzolamento e filo interdentale regolari, insieme a controlli ogni sei mesi dal dentista, possono in tal senso aiutare a mantenere i denti sani per tutta la vita.

Another important tool of undisputed technological importance that the iSmile center in Lago Patria employs in its activities is the Diode Laser, which is useful in general dental surgery and in particular in Periodontology. After this significant introduction for the ismile Dental Studio by Alfredo Parziale in Lago Patria, it has to be stated that nothing looks, feels or works like our own natural teeth. È importante quindi sapere che ci sono specialisti che possono valutare le condizioni dentali e fornire il miglior piano di trattamento. Regular brushing and flossing, along with six-month checkups by the dentist, can help maintain healthy teeth for life. Sometimesm however, you may indeed become victim of infections or illnesses, therefore needing additional care. One should prefer always prefer treatments for saving ll teeth instead of extracting them. A lack of teeth may in fact make other ones move, compromise the ability to chew properly and even ruin the smile. Modern endodontics, in this sense, offers advances in technologies, procedures and materials, and many treatment options for saving natural teeth. It is therefore important to know that there are specialists who can evaluate dental conditions and provide the best treatment plan. On the sidelines, it should also be added that the "iSmile" Dental Studio has among its professionals Dr. Tartaglione Simona, expert in Orthodontics, pediatric and conservative dentistry, partial technician Parugli Guglielmo and Dr. Parziale Alfredo, expert in Implantology, prosthesis, endodontics and aesthetic dentistry.

For info and contacts you can go in person to the studio located in Via Staffetta 143, Lago Patria Giugliano in Campania (NA), or call 081.5091705/3208724155, send an email to: info@ismilestudio.it


  • Stefano G.
    I've had great experiences with the endodontic treatments offered by these professionals. My treatments consisted of two root canals and endodontic surgery. Dr. Parziale has also performed my treatments, paying the utmost attention so that I could alleviate my anxiety! Excellent dental practice!
    Stefano G.
  • Maria S.
    Superb professionalism and true experience in his work. The I smile center's surgeon pays particular attention to the patient before, during and after the surgery. His staff is very attentive, well organized, kind and has professional communication, carefully examining everything and even calling me the next day to find out how it went!
    Maria S.
  • Marco G.
    The doctor and his assistants are kind and very experienced. I have a strong fear of dentists, because of several bad previous experiences, but thanks to this team today I have nothing to fear for, due to my awareness of being in good hands!
    Marco G.
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